About Johnny Ramli

Johnny Ramli's jewelry are handmade out of highly materials like oxidized silver, gold and precious stones. These contrasts support each other and together with the small details  makes the jewelry unique. The passion of Johnny Ramli and use of religious icons, special escapalarios and antique coins gives each necklace a different meaning and value. That's why you feel that each jewelry is unique and specially made for you.
Johnny Ramli also makes beautiful leather bags and clutches. They are recognizable with same signature and use of contrasting materials. A good example is the clutch of leather with the wrist buckle handmade of copper.

The brand is appreciated bij traveling fashionables, people with a feeling for style but also by designers all over the world. At the moment the brand is sold in 12 different countries , from New York to Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Tokyo and Amsterdam.